Frode Gjerstad Trio


Frode Gjerstad - altosax and clarinets

Øyvind Storesund - acoustic bass

Paal Nilssen-Love - drums


The trio had their debut concert at the Nattjazz festival in Bergen, Norway in May 1999, journalist Geir Dahle in Bergens Tidene wrote: "A possessing mind blow of music, a great kick!" Since then, the trio has toured in Scandinavia and played at festivals in Norway, Italy, Austria, U.S., Canada and received recognition for their high interaction, energy and their broad reportuar. The trios first CD "The Blessing Light" was released in spring 2001 by Cadence rec. Other releases are "Sharp Knives Cut Deeper" on Splasch rec. with Peter Brötzmann, "Last First" on Falcata Galia rec. and "St.Louis" on FMR rec.

The trio's music has its roots in the free-jazz tradition, the way it was defined by Coleman, Mingus, Dolphy and Coltrane. All tough, the trio also takes inspiration from the European free scene.

Frode Gjerstad has for many years declared his enthusiasm towards small line-ups, and especially trio. The trio line up gives space for the musicians, but is at the same time very depending on the musician's physics and musicality. Recently he has worked in the duo format with amongst others Peter Brötzmann. With over 20 recordings as a leader he has established himself as a major saxophonist on the international scene.
His trio´s has included Johnny Dyani, Kent Carter and John Stevens, William Parker and Rashied Bakr, and William Parker and Hamid Drake, whom he toured the US with in 2000. This is his first Norwegian trio.

Øyvind Storesund has emerged the Norwegian scene as a bassplayer with extremely high energy and stamina. Taking inspiration from William Parker and Jamaaladeen Tacuma and letting the two's styles work together, he represents a new generation of Norwegian bassplayers.

Paal Nilssen-Love is Norway's most active drummers and has established himself as a powerful and a most dynamic musician through regular groups with Mats Gustafsson (The Thing), Ken Vandermark (School Days) and Raoul Björkenheim amongst others.

The trio was on an extensive tour in Europe, the spring 2002, and will tour in USA and Canada the fall 2002, also tour with Peter Brötzmann in Europe spring 2003.

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