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The TERRITORY BAND is an ongoing ensemble developed by Ken Vandermark to deal with strategies for improvisation and composition for a large ensemble context. When awarded the MacArthur Prize for music in 1999, he saw it as an opportunity to put together a group freed from the standard economic limitations that negate the possibility of having a big band. This situation would permit an international roster of musicians to work together and allow them to deal with any material, perform it and record it.

The first version of the TERRITORY BAND was based on the concept of pairs: 2 brass (Jeb Bishop and Axel Doerner), 2 woodwinds (Dave Rempis and the leader), 2 strings (Kent Kessler and Fred Lonberg-Holm), 2 percussion (Paul Lytton and Tim Mulvenna), with Jim Baker being added on piano. This group was brought together in February of 2000 and the results can be heard on the album, Transatlantic Bridge (Okka Disk, 2001).

The Following year the unit was expanded to twelve. Vandermark met Per-Ake Holmlander (tuba) and Fredrik Ljungkvist (reeds) during the Pipeline Project (which involved sixteen instrumentalists from Chicago and Stockholm in the Fall of 2000). Hearing the possibilities inherent in a fuller range of brass and reeds he also decided to broaden the sound pallet to include the electronic work of Kevin Drumm, making the new version of the band one of the few large electro-acoustic improvising ensembles.

TERRITORY BAND-2 worked on new music in February of 2001, performing again at the Chicago Cultural Center and recording the material following that concert. This album, Atlas, is to be released in August of 2002 in anticipation of the meeting of the third version of the band (the Norwegian percussionist Paal Nilssen-Love will replace Tim Mulvenna, otherwise the line-up remains consistent) in September. In November TERRITORY-3 will be featured at the Berlin Jazz Festival, after which the band takes a short tour of Europe that includes Sweden, Norway and Austria.

present members are Jeb Bishop (US) - trombone, Axel Doerner (D) - trumpet, Dave Rempis (US), Fredrik Lungkvist (SE) - reeds, Ken Vandermark (US) - reeds, Kent Kessler (US) – double bass, Fred Lonberg-Holm (US) - cello, Paul Lytton (UK) - drums, Paal Nilssen-Love (N) - drums, Jim Baker (US) - piano, Per-Ake Holmlander (SE) - tuba, and Lasse Marhaug (N) - electronics.


Territory Band




Territory Band 5

Standing Wave

Okkadisk OD12080



CD 1 studio
1. Fall WIth A Vengance (for Park Chanwook) 20:13
2. Untitled Fiction (for Charles Mingus) 18:05

CD 2 studio
1. Corrosion (for Barnett Newman) 16:43
2. Cards (for Jorge Luis Borges) 25:30

CD 3 live
1. Fall With A Vengeance (for Park Chanwook) 17:33
2. Untitled Fiction (for Charles Mingus) 16:12
3. Corrosion (for Barnett Newman) 17:37
4. Cards (for Jorge Luis Borges) 24:39


Territory Band 4

Company Switch



Territory Band 3

Map Theory

OD 12060



Atomic School Days


Butcher/Nilssen-Love Duo



Frode Gjerstad Trio

Gustafsson/Nilsson-Love Duo

Marhaug/Nilssen-Love Duo


Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet

School Days

Scorch Trio


Sten Sandell Trio

Territory Band

The Thing

Townhouse Orchestra

Two Bands and a Legend

Vandermark/Nilssen-Love Duo

Yagi/Brötzmann/Nilssen-Love Trio