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New pieces will be added to the site's collection each week, and downloads of their music will be available soon. If you're looking for music with one of these artists involved, will be your primary resource.

Peter Brötzmann Chicago tentet 5 CDbox

from last years three nights in Oslo is printed. Not in the store yet but very soon. Smalltown Superjazzz. The group just finished a good tour in Europe. Next out is another three nights in Oslo, last weekend of October 2010.

Several releases coming up

another solo disc on PNL, live recording from Barcelona, august 2008. Also, a duoCD with Frode Gjerstad on Polish label NOTTWO, live recording from June 2008. The duo does 5 gigs in connection with the CD release.

A collection of YouTube videos are now on this website

Click video in the submenu and see a collection of current videos. The guys who record the shows never ask, so no reason to ask them. Enjoy!

Early heads up!

The Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet will again perform three nights in a row at Victoria, Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo, Norway. Mark the calendars: 28th 29th and 30th of October 2010. Last years three day festival was recorded and will be released as a 5CD box set on Smalltown Superjazzz.

Sorry for no updates

Been way too busy touring and all. But, check out the "latest release" frequently as there's still a bunch of CDs coming out this year. Trio with Sten Sandell, trio with Yagi and Brötzmann, another two duoCDs with Ken Vandermark, etc.

OK, more later.

Gig openings for quartet The quartet consisting of Toshinori Kondo, Massimo Pupillo, Peter Brötzmann and myself needs gigs for the upcoming tour in October. Please get in touch with me if there's interest. Same goes for the planned tour in March 2010 (15th-28th) and the summer tour in July (15th -25th).


some more records coming up

The Thing plus Otomo Yoshihide, "Shinjuku Crawl", live recording from Pin Inn, two years ago. Smalltown Superjazzz.

also in the works:
another duoCD with Brötzmann/Nilssen-Love, "Wood Cuts" -live recording from last years duo tour during fall. Smalltown Superjazzz.

two volumes of Vandermark/Nilssen-Love is also due, Milwaukee Volume and Chicago Volume. Two CDs from two different gigs in June 2008. Smalltown Superjazzz.

also two volumes of Lean Left, quartet with Terrie Ex and Andy Moor of The Ex and Vandermark/Nilssen-Love; live recording from BIMhuis last year.
Smalltown Superjazzz.

and a duo with Frode Gjerstad, recorded live at Gromka in Ljubljana, June this year.
label TBA

and, and, and, re-issues on PNL rec:
duo with Anders Hana which Utech released in 2005, "AM/FM"
solo from same label and year, "27 Years Later"
as well as a new trio recording with Sten Sandell trio, recorded live in Tokyo, February 2008


The quartet consisting of Toshinori Kondo, Massimo Pupillo, Peter Brötzmann and myself needs gigs for the upcoming tour in October. Please get in touch with me if there´s interest. Same goes for the planned tour in March 2010 (15th-28th) and the summer tour in July (15th -25th).

The Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet just did a short European tour and is now preparing for a longer one in May 2010. Please get in touch with ME ( if you´re a presenter who wishes to book the group. There´s also another time period set for 2010 and that´s the last week of October, first week of November. We´ll be doing 4 (!) nights in Oslo the first week and then move on. We´ll see where we go. Please get in touch if that´s of interest as well.

The Thing´s album "Bag It" is soon on double vinyl with extra tracks. Limited edition, of course.

Also coming up is another duo CD with Peter Brötzmann. Full length CD recorded on tour last October, "wood cuts". On Smalltown Superjazzz.

The Nordic Music prize went to a Finnish clarinet player. good for him!


Nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2009

Nilssen-Love is nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize 2009 together with 12 other musicians from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. The winner will be announced on June the 2nd.

See here for more information.


Early heads up!

Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet will be touring in February 2009 and on the 19th 20th and 21st, there will be a 3 day festival in Oslo at Nasjonal Jazzscene.

for details.


So, some news...

The Thing did record at Seve Albini´s studio last year, yes. The album is due to be released before the group goes on a 16 gig tour in North America starting on the 22nd of April. Before that there´s gigs in Europe and Norway. If we´re lucky we´ll have the record ready for then. Offonoff is also ready with a new CD, a recording from Kongsberg Jazzfestival in 2007, listening back to the music there was no doubt it deserves a wider listening. This should be ready for another North American tour beginning on the 9th of May. Then there´s more to come from Original Silence, a hour long recording from Øya festival in Oslo last summer, should be out this year. Also in the ball park are two two-volume releases with both Lean Left and Nilssen-Love/Vandermark duo. So, enough records coming out this year. Live; if there´s time and money, set off to Oslo for the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet festival 19th-20th and 21st of February. 11 mixed groups and two whole sets of the tentet. So, that´s it for now. More soon....


The Thing with Ken Vandermark on tour

Exclusive merchandise: Tour t-shirt in limited edition of 50. The thing box sold with poster and a laminated square of ruby’s bbq t-shirt. Above items will be sold on all gigs with The Thing this fall.


To come in 2008:


Early heads up!

The tentet is planning an extensive tour in 2009, from the 21st of May to the 7th of June.

For booking contact Erhard Hessling


To come in 2008:

"The Second Original Silence" -on Smalltown Supersound
"Pass the Bone" -solo, on Smalltown Supersound
The Thing, box set: "Now and Forever" on Smalltown Supersound
"Tomorrow Came Today", duo with Joe McPhee, -on Smalltown Supersound
"Belle Ville", Townhouse Orchestra, on Clean Feed
"Men Only", Atomic, -on Jazzland recording
"Broken Music", Fire Room, -on Atavistic
"TBA", Scorch Trio, -on Rune Grammofon
"TBA", Yagi/Brötzmann/Nilssen-Love trio, label TBA

also, there´s a chance that the solo recording "Sticks & Stones" will be re-released.


new quartet featuring Peter Brötzmann, Toshinori Kondo, Massimo Pupillo and Paal Nilssen-Love.
This quartet will tour Europe between 1st and 14th of September 2008.
People who know the musicians will see the links to the legendary bands Die Like A Dog and Last Exit and this new line up might just follow up the intensity of those previous groups.


Watch out for new CD with extreme-trio OFFONOFF "Clash"  soon to be released on Smalltown Superjazzz.
Also a little tour in mid November.



THE THING and ZU did a European tour in May where 3 shows were recorded by local radio. 
W71, Weikersheim, Germany: Broadcast by SWR2 on September 21st between 11.03am to 12.00pm
Moers Jazzfestival, Germany: broadcast time unknown
Nattjazz, Bergen, Norway: Broadcast by NRK P2, "Jazzklubben" on the June 24th at 10.05pm and June 27th at 7.30pm 


A bunch of reviews…of Original Silence and Two Bands and A Legend at Check it out here.

2 new CDs from the Peter Brötzmann Chicago tentet. Recorded on the last concert of last years European tour, in Stirling, Scotland. Both sets on two discs. Coverart by Brötzmann. American Landscapes 1 & 2. The Chicago Tentet will perform one concert this summer, at Molde Jazzfestival.

also note that Sten Sandell trio with John Butcher is performing in Canada later this month. Sandell trio collaborated with Butcher last year and a recording of this is now released by the Portuguese label Clean Feed. "Strokes". Watch out for this label as they are releasing some of the more interesting constellations these days... also a new couple of CDs with Townhouse Orchestra is planned.

In November last year, on third of Original Silence met in Oslo to gig and record. Massimo Pupillo, Terrie Ex and Paal Nilssen-Love is OFFONOFF. Smalltown Superjazzz will release the studio recording from the day after the first concert. Check out the concerts this summer at Kongsberg Jazzfestival and Konfrontationen in Nickelsdorf, just outside of Vienna.


Great reviews in Down Beat and Pitchfork

Sandell trio "Oval" receives 4 stars in Down Beat's May issue. Also,
"Original Silence" gets a rare 8.0 review at


Torsdag 4. januar 2007 mottok trommeslager Paal Nilssen-Love Buddy-prisen for 2006. Buddy-prisen er norsk jazz’ høyeste utmerkelse og tildeles en musiker som både har utmerket seg som utøver og som har betydd mye som pådriver for å bedre jazzens utbredelse. Read more...


New double (!) CD with FME on Okkadisk
Two disc release with FME from North American tour 2005. Live from Boston, MA and Montreal, QB. Recorded by Amos Scattergood. [b["Montage"[/b] OKKADISK OD12071


new release with Rodrigo Amado and Kent Kessler, "TEATRO"
live recording from February 2004, released on European Echoes 01, licenced and distributed by Clean Feed.
Rodrigo Amado, Kent Kessler, Paal Nilssen-Love, "Teatro"


New CD with Territory Band 5
"NEW HORSE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE" on Okkadisk. DoubleCD with bonus liveCD recorded in October 2005.


New CD with Michiyo Yagi, Ingebrigt Flaten and Paal Nilssen-Love
Michiyo Yagi/Ingebrigt Håker Flaten/Paal Nilssen-Love "Live! at the SuperDeluxe"
This CD was recorded at the trio´s first and only (yet) concert in Tokyo, February last year. It features Japan´s well know and really incredible koto player Michiyo Yagi. Released by new label Idiolect, licenced and distributed by Bomba Records.


Scorch trio "Luggumt" is finally on VINYL!!! Rune Grammofon releases Scorch trio´s "Luggumt" on double vinyl LP with Kim Hiorthøy´s scull art spread all over the gatefold cover! Limited edition of 500 copies!! Four bonus tracks; "tetøkle", "åss tållås", "abakle", "abrikjele".


The Thing "Action Jazz" on Smalltown Superjazzz. New studio album from The Thing, recorded in Stockholm in December 2005. Already out on Smalltown Superjazzz. Tunes by Lightning Bolt, Cato Salsa Experience, Yosuke Yamashita, Lars Gullin, Alva Melin. The Thing...


New CD with Ken Vandermark/Paal Nilssen-Love DUO. "Seven" Recorded live on 1st of April 2005 at Blå in Oslo. Out now on Smalltown Superjazzz. Dedicated to late bassplayer Bjørnar Andresen who would of been 60 that day.


New CD with Calling Signals featuring Frode Gjerstad, Nich Stephens, Eivin One Pedersen. FMR just released a brand new quartet of Frode Gjerstad, Paal Nilssen-Love with British bassplayer Nich Stephens and Norwegian accordeon player Eivin One Pedersen. Not bad! Calling Signals, "Dreams in Dreams". FMR CD177-i0805


New CD with Atomic. Yes, a brand new CD with Atomic. This time a studio album, recorded partly in February and November 2005 in Oslo. Mostly new material by Ljungkvist and Wiik. Japanese edition which will be released in connection with concerts in Tokyo 10th-12th of February. European release very soon after. "Happy New Ears" Jazzland recordings, Universal Music Norway


new CD with Frode Gjerstad trio. Frode Gjerstad trio with bassist Øyving Storesund and Paal Nilssen-Love. New CD on Circulasione Totale Records, recorded in 2005. First recording since 2001!!! "Mothers & Fathers" CTCD 8


Two new releases on Utech Records, limited edition of 150!!! PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE/ANDERS HANA "AM/FM" [023] Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Anders Hana (electric guitar) approach their instruments as if transmitters of sound and fury. Dichotomy slowly becomes a unified colossus and back again, a lovely furor resounding then drifting away to silence. Recorded at Numusic Festival, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway, 8/21/04. Hand assembled and numbered. Edition of 150 cdr.

PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE "Twenty Seven Years Later" [024]

Solo drums and percussion. This release completes our four part survey of recordings from Paal-Nilssen-Love. Recorded at Molde International Jazz Festival, Forum, Molde, Norway, 7/20/02. This performance finds Paal playing in the same building his father (also a drummer, now a painter) had played 27 years earlier. These unique pieces of music tell of Paal's dedication to and masterey of his craft. Hand assembled and numbered. Edition of 150 cdr.


The Thing with Joe McPhee US tour 2005. The Thing is at last touring the US! 12 gigs starting on Wednesday the 16th at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. See more details to the right...


New CD with Territory Band 4. New CD out now on Okkadisk with Territory Band 4.


FME free music ensemble "Cuts". FME´s latest recording is now out on Okkadisk. Recorded in a cave (!) in Oslo, October last year. Very rocking.


Paal Nilssen-Love, "Town Orchestra House". Town House Orchestra; Evan Parker, Sten Sandell, Ingebrigt Flaten, Paal Nilssen-Love. Recorded at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival, July 2002 Released on Clean Feed Records CF041CD.


The Thing. Live recording from Blå, 23. June 2003. Killing! Smalltown Superjazzz STSJ 099CD.


Lars Göran Ullander trio. Lars Göran Ullander trio with Palle Danielson and Paal Nilssen-Love "Live at Glenn Miller Cafè". Recorded in Stockholm, late August 2004. Released on Ayler Records in 2005: aylCD-013.


ATOMIC -is finally released!!! A triple CD of live recordings from March and July 2004. Limited edition which is soon sold out! Jazzland recordings, Universal.


Steve Hubback and Paal Nilssen-Love. Recorded in Oslo, August 2003. FMRCD 138-1203.


new CD with Peter Brötzmann Chicago tentet. Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, "Be Music Night" featuring 10 poems by Kenneth Patchen, read by Mike Person. Recorded in Chicago, November 2004.


Two new releases on Utech Records, limited edition of 75!!! Paal Nilssen-Love/Nils Henrik Asheim "Pipes and Bones" Recorded live at Molde International Jazzfestival, July 2004. Paal Nilssen-Love/Lasse Marhaug "Personal Hygiene" Recorded live at the NuMusic festival in Stavanger, August 2003.


Cato Salsa and The Thing with Joe McPhee "Sounds Like a Sandwich"Live recording from Kongsberg Jazzfestival July 2004. Both on CD and 10" vinyl, Smalltown


Crimetime Orchestra feat. Bjørnar Andresen "Life is a Beautiful Monster" is just released on Jazzaway records JARCD 009. This recording was done three weeks before bassplayer Bjørnar Andresen past away and is of course a dedication to him. Vidar Johansen, Jon Klette, Kjetil Møster, Sjur Miljeteig, Øyvind Brække, Anders Hana, Bugge Wesseltoft, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Paal Nilssen-Love, Bjørnar


Territory band 3 "Map Theory"Recorded in Chicago during the fall of 2002. Is released now. OD 12060.


Scorch trio "Luggumt". Recorded in January 2004 in Halden, Norway. Very analog. Is out now on Rune Grammofon. RCD 2038.


Vandermark/Nilssen-Love "Dual Pleasure 2".

DUAL PLEASURE 2. “Vandermark`s impassioned tenor has an almost religious fervour, his tone heavily vocalised. A thoroughly dual pleasure” (Andy Hamilton, THE WIRE)

Dual Pleasure 2 is the follow-up to last years critically acclaimed Dual Pleasure by Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love and Chicago`s Ken Vandermark. Dual Pleasure 2 is a double album, with one studio recorded disc and one live disc. The album will be released in October, but is available already now at Smalltown Supersound`S online Superstore (go to Buy Record). The album is released on the new imprint, Smalltown Superjazzz.


The Thing

Smalltown Supersound goes Superjazzz and releases the album "Garage" which contains covers by White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sonics and Peter Brötzmann!!!


There is also a very exclusive limited edition (of 700 copies) 7" single with The Thing available from Smalltown Supersound`s online Superstore (go to Buy Record. You will find the single under merchandise). The single contains superhot versions of Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Artstar" and The Sonic`s "Have Love Will Travel". A collectors item, and soon to be sold out. So this is your chance. Also available at the Superstore now is The Things great new album "Garage". Both releases are released on our new imprint; Smalltown Superjazzz.



Lasse Marhaug/Paal Nilssen-Love "Stalk" Recorded in Oslo, August 2004. Recorded and processed by Hild Sofie Tafjord. To be released on pnlrec. in vinter 2005.

The Thing "TBA" a 40 minute improvisation recorded in December 2005 on the same session as "Actionjazz". To be released early spring 2006 on kningdisk, limited edition of 200 in wooden box!!!

Two Bands and A Legend feat. Cato Salsa Experience and The Thing with Joe McPhee "TBA" Recorded in March 2005, to be released a.s.a.p. on CD and EPCD/12" vinyl.

Jeb Bishop/Paal Nilssen-Love "TBA" Recorded in Chicago, November 2005, to be released on vinyl only on pnlrec in 2006.

Fire Room (Ken Vandermark/Lasse Marhaug/Paal Nilssen-Love "TBA" Recorded in Oslo, July 2005, to be released on pnlrec in 2006.

John Butcher/Paal Nilssen-Love "TBA". Recorded live in Oslo, 2001 To be released on Clean Feed early 2006

Mats Gustafsson & Paal Nilssen-Love "Splatter" Recorded live in February 2004, to be released on Smalltown Superjazzz late 2005/early 2006.